A Virtual Keepsake Family Experience!

Your COVID SAFE online family history Keepsake Video recording.

We have created an online family history storytelling journey that your entire family can experience from the comfort of their own homes – from anywhere in the world! We interview you or your loved one online, while your family can watch and listen live as we record and create your Keepsake Video! Our team facilitates the interview process remotely, while family members can jump in, ask questions, and request stories!

It's As Easy As...


Contact us and we will reach out within 48 hours.


We’ll schedule the video interview with you and your loved ones.


We shoot the one hour video interview, with optional family Q&A.


You receive your edited Keepsake Video!

Your Virtual Keepsake
Video Experience

Features & Highlights
  • Individual or couple online video interview
  • COVID safe - everyone is in their own homes, anywhere in the world!
  • You receive the full video interview edited on USB and web-link
  • We do all family scheduling, organizing, and pre-interview arrangements
  • Customized interview questions list
  • Family audience and Q&A (optional)

“The Keepsake video experience was the absolute perfect way to celebrate my parents 50th anniversary, and capture their story on film. What an amazing way to bring our family together (albeit virtually) to share this special milestone. Dylan was INCREDIBLE to work with! He made everyone feel so comfortable, which was a HUGE task given how camera shy my mom is. He knew exactly what questions to ask to elicit incredible stories, anecdotes and just make every one smile. I can not say enough about smoothly the entire process flowed, and how much fun we all had during filming. An original and sentimental gift to make a special occasion!”
– Iris Greenwald, Virtual Keepsake Recipient

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    “Keepsake Video experience was incredible. In the beginning I wasn’t sure if my dad would open up about his life in front of the cameras. Dylan did an amazing job, using The Keepsake Video’s proprietary methodology and questions to get my dad to dig deep into our family’s history. I know that this video is something that my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so-on will enjoy for decades to come. We are so appreciative of having this amazing Keepsake for our family to enjoy. I am a firm believer of “if you don’t know where you’ve come from, you can’t possibly know where you are going”. This video ensures that future generations will always have a strong understanding of where they came from. We cannot thank Dylan and the Keepsake Video Team enough for this amazing video – it is to date one of the best things I own. We gifted the experience to my father for Father’s Day and he says it’s the best gift he’s ever received. Everyone should get one!”
    – Hannah Gofman, Virtual Keepsake Recipient

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